The Band

Ingleside Avenue came together as another band was falling apart. Brian, Kevin, and Ryan were all part of a band called My Dirty Silver. The lead guitarist for that band decided to move on, and as the guys were trying to decide their new direction, they decided on a name change too. Ingleside Aveneue is the street that both Ryan and Brian live on, they were joking about it being a great name for a band and now it is!

Brian Watkins grew up with music as a big part of his life. His dad was in many bands b2throughout the years including Sacred Warrior, a highly popular Christian progressive metal band. Brian got to tour with them as a child, and has been a part of the music scene ever since. He has been in several different bands, and works as a producer and engineer with Sanctuary Sound, a local studio in Aurora, IL. Brian also loves to lead worship at church and is currently serving at the Compass in Naperville, IL. He also has a wife and two children at home that he adores.

k3Kevin Pflug started drumming in 2003. Since then has played for several summer camps, english camps, various churches and groups along the way. Through his love for music, he has also taught himself guitar and bass. Kevin is currently serving at Waters Edge Bible Church in West Chicago as their drummer. His heartfelt passion for Ingleside Avenue, writing original material, and being influenced by a wide range of musical artists is what makes Kevin continually seek to improve his style of drumming.

Ryan VanKampen is a creative problem solver. This is true in his style of bass and just about rvk3everything else is undertakes. During the day works to solve the problems of his students as a school counselor and administrator. On the weekends you’ll probably see him running around (he’s a seasoned marathoner) or playing music under his DJ GLAR3 moniker. Ryan lives life to the fullest, at work, on stage and at home with his family. Did we mention Brian and Ryan are neighbors?

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