January 3, 2014

Breaking News: Kevin out as drummer of Ingleside Ave

This just in, Kevin Pflug is out of commission as the drummer of Ingleside Ave for the next few months. No he didn’t have a falling out with the other guys, but he did have a falling out on the hockey rink. As many of you inglesiders will already know, Kevin is also a hockey player for a local affiliate team.  In an effort to lead his team to victory Kevin sustained a shoulder injury. The bad news for us is that the injury will leave him sidelined from both hockey and drumming.

The band is currently discussing option for how to proceed while Kevin recovers. One thought is to use the down time to work on new original material. The other thought is to replace Kevin with this early 90s keyboard and it’s built in drum machine.


What are your thoughts Inglesiders? New original material or 90’s Casio keyboard? We’ll keep you all in the loop as to our decision and of course on Kevin’s recovery.

Happy New Year!

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